Roll Up Foldable Meditation Yoga Mat with Pillow Block Set Blue Elephant

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Discover the Ultimate Yoga / Camping / Day Bed VALUE PACK, a carefully curated set designed for the aficionados of comfort, versatility, and traditional craftsmanship. This exclusive bundle includes:

  • 1 x Rollup Mat Blue Elephant: A vibrant and functional piece that brings the essence of Thai tradition into your home or outdoor adventures.
  • 1 x Yoga Block Blue Elephant: Perfectly complements your yoga practice, enhancing your poses and stability with a touch of elegance.

Dimensional Elegance:

  • When Folded: Compact and easy to carry, measuring approximately 80cm x 45cm.
  • Fully Extended: Spacious and comfortable, stretching out to approximately 180cm x 80cm and 5cm in thickness.

Crafted with Care:

  • Material: Each item is meticulously handmade from 100% cotton fabric, ensuring durability and comfort.
  • Filling: Stuffed with 100% kapok fibre, renowned for its soft, smooth texture that provides both support and fluffiness, without the worry of allergens.

Beauty and Functionality Combined: Embrace the beauty, comfort, and convenience of our products. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they serve as the perfect daybed, yoga mat, or an impromptu sleeping solution for guests. Their roll-up design makes storage effortless, saving space without sacrificing style.

The Essence of Thai Craftsmanship: Our products are a testament to the rich heritage of Thai handicrafts. Filled with 100% organic kapok, free from chemicals and pesticides, we prioritize your health and the environment. The kapok fibre's unique qualities offer an unparalleled comfort experience, reminiscent of high-quality down but without the allergens.

As connoisseurs of traditional Thai handicrafts, we stand by the authenticity and quality of our products. Each item is guaranteed to be 100% handmade, filled with pure kapok, ensuring no artificial fibres are used. This commitment to craftsmanship and natural materials brings a piece of Thai heritage into your daily life.

Embrace the fusion of tradition, comfort, and versatility with our Yoga / Camping / Day Bed VALUE PACK. Perfect for enhancing your yoga practice, enjoying a restful day outdoors, or accommodating guests with a touch of traditional elegance.

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