Kids Wooden Monkey Stool

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Discover the charm of our eco-friendly, handcrafted Stools, perfect for enriching your child's environment. Made from solid Raintree wood sourced from sustainable plantations in Thailand, each stool is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, featuring all hand-carved and hand-painted designs.

Safe for kids with non-toxic paints and robust enough to bear up to 200kg, it's not just a stool but a step towards learning and adventure. Ready to use with no assembly required, these stools promise durability, safety, and a touch of enchantment for any child's space.

A Touch of Nature and Craftsmanship

Dimensions: 26cm x 26cm x 26cm (LxWxH)

Crafted for the Little Ones:

  • Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: Each stool is made from solid Raintree wood, harvested from eco-friendly plantations in Thailand, ensuring sustainability along with durability.
  • Ready to Enrich: No assembly required. Our stools are crafted, painted, and polished by hand, ready to be part of your home the moment they arrive.
  • Safety First: We use only kid-safe, non-toxic paints, making every stool safe for your child's adventurous hands and imaginative mind.
  • Handmade with Love: From carving to painting, each piece is a unique testament to the artisan's skill, offering a personal touch to your child's space.
  • Educational and Fun: Beyond seating, these stools serve as early teaching tools, introducing young minds to storytelling, character learning, and the majesty of nature.
  • Versatile Strength: Built solid and strong, our stools can bear weight up to 200kg, doubling as a handy step stool for reaching those "just out of reach" places.

A Part of Your Child's Journey:

Designed with a kid-friendly ethos, these stools are more than just furniture; they're companions in your child's growth and learning. Whether it's aiding in reaching a bookshelf, sitting by a desk, or sparking imagination with their animal designs, these stools are built to support and inspire.

Solid, Safe, and Ready:

Forget the hassle of assembly or the worry of fragile parts. Our stools are delivered ready for use, built to withstand up to 200kg—perfect for kids and adults alike.

Unique in Every Way:

Embrace the uniqueness of 100% handmade art. Each stool's color and texture may vary, adding to the rustic charm and distinctive character that can only come from handcrafted goods.

Bring Nature and Craftsmanship to Your Home:

Let the Mango Trees Stools add a touch of sustainability, craftsmanship, and imaginative play to your child's environment. With their robust build and enchanting designs, they offer a practical and magical addition to any room.

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