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The bedroom is often one of the last places we think to invest in, even though it’s where we wake up each morning. It’s the room in which we start and end each day, so it’s arguably the most important room in terms of decor and atmosphere. However, because it’s the room we share with others least, beside our partners, it often feels more utilitarian than somewhere we love.

Of course, if you won the lottery tonight a new bedroom would likely be high on your list. But often, a small budget puts us off making improvements, when the truth is that you can do a lot with even a minimal budget, especially if you’re willing to make incremental upgrades each month instead of doing one big renovation.

How can I refresh my bedroom on a budget? 

The bedroom may not be the first room you see upon walking into your home or the room where you host guests, but it’s still important to be comfortable here. 

Let’s take a look at some ways to refresh a bedroom on a budget:

1. Improve & Replace Your Lighting

Lighting changes the atmosphere of a room, from bright and energetic to calm and serene, and vice versa. Make sure you have a few different options, and upgrade to a smart LED if you can. They’re a little costly upfront, but they last forever and make it easy to switch between a bright light for when you’re cleaning and a warm hue for relaxing in the evening.

Beside your overhead light, make sure you have the right secondary lighting. Try fairy lights if you want to embrace a feminine look (or put them in a glass vase or bottle), a LED light up diffuser (once you use one of these you won’t be able to live without it!), and the right bedside lamps. This beside lamp has a big shade, so it will keep the light soft and won’t blind you when you look at it.   

If you’re thinking of upgrading your bed (which we’ll touch on more in a moment), you can even get one with built-in ambient light, either around the bottom of the bed or in the headboard, which is ideal for reading. 

2. Invest in a New Bed

When decorating a bedroom, some items are worth investing in. The bed is often the focal point in a bedroom, so the bed frame, bedding and pillowcases determine the whole room’s look. Go warm and cozy with a Fabric Bed Frame or sleek and minimalist with a Metal Frame. Then, dress your bed up with new bedding to liven up your new chosen theme!

3. Change Your Bedding According to the Season

If you’re on a tight budget, simply updating your bedding with the season will help make your bedroom feel fresh and welcoming. In winter, add warm, cozy throws and extra decorative cushions in deep, rich tones. Use thinner, brightly-colored pillow covers in summer to differentiate between seasonal designs. 

4. Update Your Bedside Cabinets

Bedside cabinets can inexpensive, and replacing them will create more cohesion and make you bedroom feel fresh and new. The majority of us still have bedroom cabinets from when we were kids or several house moves ago, so treat yourself! Whether you’re looking for a chic and modern bedside cabinet or something a little more rustic, we have a ton of options to choose from.  

5. Rethink Your Bedroom Storage

Unless you really love a purposely-cluttered look, make sure you’ve got enough storage that you don’t have your things all over the place. This doesn’t have to be all hidden away, either. Try a bed with under-the-bed storage, use bookshelves for clothing, shoes, and accessories, display your favourite pieces on a garment hanger, use wardrobe organisers, and other smart solutions to ensure everything in your bedroom has a place.   

6. Redecorate Your Walls

Some people choose their bedding, curtains and rugs based on their wall colours, whereas others prefer to do it the other way around. Paint can be an inexpensive option to revamp your bedroom. If you rent, think about purchasing new wall art or adding a mirror to help reflect light around your room.  

If you’re redesigning your bedroom and are looking for stunning and affordable furniture options, Rivercity House & Home Co. are here to help! 

We offer an exclusive range of bed styles and sizes, from single all the way up to king beds. We also sell mattresses, headboards, drawers and wardrobes, so you can count on us to help you design the entire room!

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